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Similar to what was usually stated in historical markers of many churches, the first church in "Tayabas" was made of indigenous materials. It was built by the Franciscan Friars in 1585 with St.Michael the Archangel designated as patron saint.
It was again repaired in 1590 under Sn. Pedro Bautista. In 1600 a church made of brick was built but it was destroyed by the 1743 earthquake. Richter scale was not yet available at that time to record the intensity.
In a few years, the church was again rebuilt into a bigger one. It was once more expanded in 1856 with the addition of the Transept and the Copula.
(transept - the transversal part of a cruciform church that crosses at right angles to the greatest length between the nave and the apse or choir; also: either of the projecting ends)**
(copula - something that connects : LINK)**
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The brick tile roof of the Transept was replaced with galvanized iron sheets in 1894.
"Tayabas" Basilica is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines.
One of its noticeable feature is its length which is longer than most other churches. Couples getting married will experience quite a longer time in their wedding march. Of course there will also be more expenses with more flowers needed to line up the aisle.
The bell tower also features a clock which is unbelievably still working despite its old age.
On October 18, 1988, the title "Basilica Menor" was conferred by Pope John Paul II to the Church of St.Michael the Archangel in Tayabas. A few months later, it was proclaimed on January 21, 1989. "Tayabas" Church is the oldest church in the Diocese of Lucena (Quezon Province has two diocese, the other one is Gumaca). The church is home to many liturgical artworks and is frequently a venue of liturgical celebrations.
Pilgrims from far away places visit this church in devotion to San Diego de Alcala who is believed by them to help heal the sick.
How to get there:
It is not difficult to find "Tayabas" Church as it is in the center of the town and with its height can be seen from almost everywhere. The town of Tayabas is accessible and is connected with roads from at least five towns as it used to be the Capital of the Province of Tayabas which is now Quezon. Up from the north is the town of Lucban. From the west is the town of Sariaya. Down south is the city of Lucena. At the east is the road to the town of Pagbilao. This road however has a northbound T-junction going farther to the town of Mauban.
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